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The did deutsch-instituit (DID) was founded in the 70s and since then teaches German to students from around the world. Initially in Hamburg, the school "Deutsch in Deutschland" has grown a lot and has helped thousands of international students to know not only the language but the culture and the essence of being German. With excellence in teaching methodology, the institute also has offices in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

The DID organizes for its students a diverse leisure program. With guided tour of the city, you can experience, for example, the main points of Berlin and its tourist attractions, museums and parks. In addition, the school offers excursions to the nearby cities to Berlin that enrich and help their students understand the complex and interesting German history.

The institute's teachers have a high level of experience and instigate students to improve their knowledge day by day in the classroom. The atmosphere of the school is young and you can meet students from all over the world, which makes the experience and learning a lot more interesting and fun.

The DID also offers the possibility of exchange between its units in Germany, that is, to continue studying German and getting to know different parts of the country without losing the same methodology and teaching quality.

DID offers many options of courses with high quality and well prepared teachers.

Standard Course

The Standard Course (20 lessons per week) focus on the training of grammatical structures and on familiarizing with everyday vocabulary. After the course you will have plenty of opportunities to intensify your newly acquired knowledge on your own and to discover Germany on excursions. The course is also preparing for the diploma exams that are offered at did. No matter, if you intend to focus on passing an exam or if you rather plan your stay at did as part of a relaxing vacation experience – in any case, the Standard Course will guarantee you learning success at a high degree.

The Standard Course focuses on learning and actively using language structures – this way the instruction is very much practice oriented. But what does this actually mean? Your teacher will assign you an active role while studying German and will draw you and your fellow students directly into his interactive instruction. We try to avoid that you just sit there passively, listening what the teacher is going to explain up front. Your teacher will help you studying the language by instructing you clearly and thus enabling you to develop and to explain grammatical rules and structures on your own and independently. Because only when you actively understand what you’ve learned you will also memorize and internalize it permanently!

In the Standard Course, German language will always be practiced and taught in context by using as far as possible authentic, everyday life language situations. This way you will study language in everyday, professional and university situations – after all, you study towards a well-defined goal and you want to focus on that from the very beginning. Through this practical orientation of the Standard Course, already after a very short time you will gain a solid linguistic basis for making yourself more familiar with the language and culture in Germany, with the country and its people. And this will be true for all areas of modern life, because our modern didactical approach will always concentrate on listening, reading, speaking and writing.

The Standard Course is the perfect choice for students who wish to discover Germany in the afternoons. Participants who want to go over the course topic once more on their own and at home should also decide for the Standard Course since school ends at 12:30 pm every day. The Standard Course is offered every week from Monday to Friday and classes begin at 9:00 am in the morning. Between 10:30 and 11:00 am there is a break and you’ll have plenty of time getting a refreshment in the cafeteria, checking your emails or chatting with your new friends. Sometimes, mostly during the summer months, when the institute is at maximum capacity, we also offer instruction – usually scheduled in the mornings – on some afternoons between 1:00 and 6:00 pm. Thus, you finally will have the opportunity to sleep in late!

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Intensive Course

If your goal is to make fast progress, this course with more than 24 lessons per week is the perfect choice for an intensive language training. It differs from the Standard Course by providing possibilities for working with current text materials from politics, culture and economy. Thus, you will have the opportunity to train the communicative skills more extensively. The knowledge and language skills you have acquired in class will be intensified and supplemented in special classes twice a week in the afternoons. Thus, the Intensive Course is also a very good choice if you want to focus on preparing a German language exam. If you wish to learn fast and intensively, or if you plan to pass a diploma exam, you should decide for this course. This Course is preparing you as well to the GfdS and Goethe Exam.

Unlike the Standard Course, the Intensive Course also provides enough time to work on current topics from politics, culture and science. Hence, the 4 language skills listening, reading, speaking and writing will not only be trained based on a textbook but the teachers also use supplementary, specially selected materials. It is the birthday of a famous German politician or artist? There are interesting political news from Berlin? It often happens that the class will discuss the current news and interesting events in the Intensive Course, that up-to-date topics will spontaneously become part of the program the class was going to work on at the moment. Thus, you study German and you will be fully informed at the same time!

The Intensive Course covers 24 lessons. 2 lessons each will be taught Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoons. While we closely work with the textbooks most of the time during the morning sessions, the afternoon seminars open up possibilities for an intensive communicative training. The teacher is organizing the instruction in such a way that all participants can actively participate in class, can communicate with each other and discuss their opinions. In such a lively atmosphere you can learn the language easily and spontaneously. And even rather complex grammatical structures are understood easily by being practiced and used creatively. And, of course, they also use these afternoon sessions for preparing the language exams.

With 24 lessons per week, the Intensive Course offers you 20% more instruction than the Standard Course, but there will be still enough time in the afternoons for private activities. The 2 afternoon sessions are always scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:00 and 2:30 pm. Wednesdays you will have the possibility making use of their Self-Study Center where teachers can help you with your homework assignments or will answer all the questions on German grammar you might have. Using the Self-Study Center is free of charge! Sometimes, mostly during the summer months, when the institute is at maximum capacity, we also offer instruction – usually scheduled in the mornings – on some afternoons between 1:00 - 6:00 pm.

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Intensive Plus Course

Do you want to improve your German knowledge rapidly and reach as many teaching goals as possible in almost no time at all? In this case we would like to recommend you the Intensive Plus Course. It differs from our other course options – Standard and Intensive Course – in so far as with 28 lessons per week the Intensive Plus Course gives far more opportunities for considering personal requests and demands. Do you want to repeat certain exercises? Do you have any questions concerning special vocabulary or specific topics? Or do you want to significantly intensify your listening comprehension? The premium classes will give you the opportunity to decide directly and individually about form and contents of the course twice a week.

The Premium Course is the ideal possibility to acquire and improve German knowledge very fast. Especially if you plan to stay only for a short period of time, you can still reach more learning goals than in other types of courses. This is not at all surprising – after all, the Premium Course covers 28 lessons per week and is the most comprehensive group course we can offer. The specialty of the Premium Course, however, is that it combines a dynamic group atmosphere with an utmost individual learning flexibility: They expect your contributions, your personal suggestions and ideas, you tell them what you need to study, what you want to learn, or where you still feel having some problems.

Far more than in all the other courses, in the Premium Course you and the other students will become the main characters in class, because the course focuses on your participation and relies on your contributions. The educational concept intends to motivate you using the language automatically and intuitively – both in normal, almost everyday situations and in different contexts of professional, work and university situations. In the afternoons, they focus on your individual requests and on your needs regarding additional explanations, practice and exercises: How exactly did this work – the dative case, the passive voice and subjunctive? What are the names for these parts of the car or the computer? What are the linguistic terms for argumentation? You’ve got 4 lessons per week to figure that out!

If you decide taking a Premium Course you are studying very intensively and are spending more time at the institute – after all, you’ve decided to make fast progress and to improve your German language in a very short time! You will see – your success is going to reward you. It also feels good to realize after only a couple of days how much more familiar you became already with the language and how much more confidence you have gained. Your instruction will end at 2:30 pm. The rest of the day belongs to you …you deserve it! Sometimes, mostly during the summer months, when the school has reached a maximum capacity, we also offer instruction – usually scheduled in the mornings – on some afternoons between 1:00 and 6:00 pm.

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Business Courses

Do you want to prepare for a special communicative situation or do you need special vocabulary because you got to visit a conference or a trade fair? Do you want to give a presentation in German or did you notice that you generally have problems finding the right expressions? With both their special courses Business German and Business German Plus you’ll freshen up your knowledge of German in a very short time – no matter in which context you need to use our language. Because a characteristic of both business courses is the focusing on teaching basic language structures as well as the practically, goal oriented training of the subject matter you have defined.

The Business German courses are designed as individual instruction and are focusing directly on improving, refreshing and the acquisition of specialized and professionally oriented subjects. You are an engineer and would like to present yourself successfully on international conferences? They are going to prepare you for this task and can guarantee you quick results! You will have the choice between 4 and 12 lessons per day and you also have the choice – in case you want to take a maximum of progress at a minimum of time – taking these lessons as a compact course covering one week and 2 full weekends. If you decide for 12 lessons of German instruction per day you can even expect one of your teachers keeping you company at lunch!

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Private Courses

You want to decide individually both on topics and pace of the instruction? You want to reach a certain goal and you want to study German successfully? Then did-institut recommend you to take several lessons of individual instruction in addition to your group course. Because regardless whether you have decided for a Standard, Intensive or Premium Course… only individual instruction can guarantee that your teacher is focusing on your specific needs and problems. You still got a question concerning a topic that was already discussed in the classroom? Well, let’s get started! Your teacher will explain everything to you! Because here you’ve got plenty of time to speak about everything in detail and to work according to your own rhythm.

In this type of language training the instruction is determined by your individual pre-knowledge and the language goals you want to reach. Your teacher will arrange the instruction completely according the content you have decided on: What are the linguistic terms for discussion or describing a graph? You can book individual instruction in addition to the 3 group courses Standard, Intensive and Premium. Furthermore you can decide how many individual lessons you want to study with a private teacher – however, you should take at least 4 units per week. If you decide against group instruction and for studying exclusively with a private teacher, you have to register for at least 20 units per week.

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Course for Teachers

The DID provides training for teachers of German in an ideal way. Teachers will experience lessons from a point of view of the student and become familiar with the latest materials and teaching methods. The course duration is two weeks.

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Exam Preparatory Course

DSH Examination Courses

In this course you will be prepared towards taking the DSH exam which is a language test for proofing your necessary linguistic competence if you intend to apply for university studies in Germany. By going through a large number of exercises the participants strengthen and intensify their linguistic knowledge and know-how. They will also become familiar with this special kind of examination and our experienced teachers will give them all kinds of problem-solving strategies for successfully passing this test. Compared to the TestDaF preparation course, the training of the structures of scientific language is one of the main aspects of the DSH course.

TestDaF Examination Courses

This course is a specific preparation for the TestDaF examination which is a certification test for university applicants in order to proof the necessary language competence for studying in Germany. With the help of extensive exercises the course participants intensify and improve their linguistic knowledge and knowhow, they will become familiar with the examination features and learn strategies for successfully dealing with this particular type of testing.

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You can best focus on your German language course by feeling completely comfortable – as if you were at home here! Due to this fact did offers you very different types of accommodation: Do you like company? Why don’t you share your room with a nice fellow student? Or do you prepare to have your peace in a private room? And where would you like to live? With a host family, in a youth hotel, on campus or maybe you share an apartment – which is a very typical way of living for young people in Germany.

Host Family
This way of accommodation is a long-time classic… and with a reason: If you decide for accommodation in a host family you will also learn German after class – very individually and completely relaxed – by being a new member of the family… They also take care that you share your room only with a student who has a different native language – in order to make sure that you can really speak German all day long. Of course, for an additional fee, you can also book a single room. You will have to share bathroom and kitchen facilities with your host or hostess. Not necessarily the host is a traditional family, a couple with kids. There are also single parents or single and elderly people who like to welcome you in their homes.

Private Room
You are an adult and you intend to live in Germany for a longer period of time? Then take advantage of our special services: They arrange for accommodation in a private apartment and help you find a room – in a single household, with a family or in an apartment shared by several students! You will have a room for yourself and only share kitchen and bathroom..

Youth Hotel | Superior
Hotel Meininger

Room with twin or double bed, private bathroom, room service, Internet access (Wireless LAN), breakfast included, kitchen and communal laundry, 24-hour reception.

The Check-in starts at 15:00 and the check-out must be done before 10:00.

Youth Hotel | Standard
Hotel A&O.

Room with twin or double bed, private bathroom, room service, Internet access (Wireless LAN), breakfast included, kitchen and communal laundry, 24-hour reception.

The Check-in starts at 15:00 and the check-out must be done before 10:00.

As only few other places in the capital, Oranienburger Strasse is busy with life at night. Night owls and metropolitan adventurers stroll along the one kilometer stretch between Hackescher Market and Friedrichstrasse where you find more than 40 bars, cafés, trendy shops and galleries. Here – in a quiet street nearby – the Berlin did institute invites the students to study German.

The institute is located on two floors, the classrooms are friendly and spacious. In the breaks the students can get coffee and soft drinks from vending machines in the cafeteria and use the internet. Or take your coke up to the roof terrace where you can also relax with your friends after class.

Novalisstraße 12, 10115 Berlin

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