Carl Duisberg Centren

The Carl Duisberg Training Center Berlin is located in the city’s "Mitte" district, right in the heart of Germany’s national capital: for example, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, Humboldt-University, the Museum Island – you can reach many of our city’s sights on foot in just a few minutes.

Berlin – that means 3.4 million inhabitants, 170 museums, 300 galleries, castles, churches, countless parks, operas, theaters, movie theaters, clubs, bars & cafés. The visitor can quickly lose track of things. But it is precisely this diversity that makes Berlin so unique; it is also this diversity that we want to discover and experience along with their students!

The team at the Carl Duisberg Training Center Berlin organize a varied program of leisure activities for their course participants. On their personally guided walking tours of the city, for instance, you can relive Berlin’s history, or else join them for an interesting guided tour of one of the many museums the city has to offer.

For them, though, leisure time means more than history, art and culture; after all, our fascinating city also has a bevy of bars, cafés and bars to choose from.

On the weekend, they schedule trips to Potsdam and to other sights all around Berlin. If several course participants are interested, they even arrange to travel to Hamburg, Dresden or to Weimar.

With their leisure program, they want to bring the different facets of Berlin closer, giving you the opportunity to get to know fellow students outside the classroom setting, to make new friends, to discover different cultures and ways of life, and, even though home is far away, to feel at home here with us.

Carl Duisberg offers courses with high quality education and trained teachers.

Intensive Course

The Intensive Course provides you with the German language skills required for further education, to achieve your career goals and broaden your horizons. In our short-term courses, starting at a duration of one week, you acquire basic knowledge of German or develop your existing language skills in a targeted manner. Prospective students or those preparing for a professional qualification in Germany can systematically build up the necessary German language skills to meet specific needs in our long-term courses and reach the required language level in best time.

The following services are included in the price of your Carl Duisberg German course:

  • Registration fee;
  • Confirmation of booking and payment of visa applications;
  • Placement test;
  • Welcome package;
  • Textbook (with CD if applicable) and other learning materials;
  • Weekly tests with feedback on language learning progress;
  • Leisure program (selected activities may require cost supplement);
  • Help and support with administrative tasks (e.g. appointments at immigration office) or in case of emergencies (e.g. medical care);
  • Free Internet access, WiFi;
  • Certificate of participation.

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Intensive Plus Course

The Intensive Plus Course combines group lessons with one-to-one lessons so that you benefit from both learning environments: diversity of communication in groups and focus on individual needs. You may choose either 5 or 10 TU of one-to-one training (general language or specialized language).

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Private Classes

In One-to-one Courses (min. 10 TU per week, general or specialized language), your learning goals, determined prior to course begin by way of a needs analysis, are the focus. Upon request, we can also integrate specific materials into lessons (e.g. everyday working documents).

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Exam Preparatory Course


The Carl Duisberg Training Centers, all licensed TestDaF Centers, offers a competent and comprehensive exam preparation course. This 4 week course has been specially designed to prepare you for the exam format and the precise demands of TestDaF. You learn a range of strategies and techniques to help you deal successfully with the tasks and challenges of the exam and work with model exam papers to give you ample practice.

This preparation course, comprising 20 training units per week (1 TU = 45 minutes),lasts 4 weeks and takes place in the afternoon from 14.30–17.45.

On completion of the course you can take the TestDaF exam at one of the Carl Duisberg Training Centers.

telc Certificate B1, B2 and C1

Carl Duisberg Centren is a partner of telc – The European Language Certificates – and offers preparatory modules for participants, who would like to train for the telc B1, B2 and C1 examinations. You will become familiar with the examination format and will work through authentic test papers. You will receive advice on what to pay particular attention to on certain tasks, learn to avoid making typical mistakes, and develop strategies on how to achieve the best possible results. You will practice typical examples from the oral examination, e. g. introducing yourself, or commentating on a diagram.

Test training: DSH

After reaching the required language level in the Intensive Course Plus, the DSH test training course will concentrate on the format of the examination. By using example papers in test training course, you will learn how to tackle the examination and what techniques you need to solve the tasks effectively and successfully.

The exam training includes 4 TUs per week, and can only be added in correspondence with a booking of an Intensive Course German. In order to participate however, you must have successfully reached the language level of C1.

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If you book your accommodation with Carl Duisberg Centren you’ll be looked after by the service team in your chosen location. You can choose between a host family, a room in shared accommodation, a guest house, or an apartment. All accommodation is a single room but a limited numbers of double rooms are available on request.

Host Families
You can stay with a host family at all locations. This can be either a family in the classical sense, or an individual person or a single parent. The host family can live downtown but can also be located in the suburbs. When several guests stay at the same home, we attempt to ensure that they don’t speak the same native language. In a host family you can also book just breakfast, or half board (breakfast and an evening meal). The meals are typical German cuisine.

From your host family or your shared accommodation it can take up to 60 minutes by public transport to reach the Carl Duisberg Training Center.

Shared Accomodation
If you want to share a flat with other students, you should choose the option room in shared accommodation offered in Berlin or Cologne. You will have your own room and share the kitchen, bathroom and toilet with your flat mates. Each of you are responsible for cleaning the accommodation and you can prepare all your meals yourself.

From your host family or your shared accommodation it can take up to 60 minutes by public transport to reach the Carl Duisberg Training Center.

The Carl Duisberg is located in central Berlin, near the subway station Französische Straße (U6).

Jägerstraße 64 (Toreinfahrt 63 a), 10117 Berlin

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