“Go Easy Berlin means much more than a company for us.” It is a life project developed by two friends: Renan Aoki and Rafael Gouveia. Both graduated from the University of São Paulo (USP), they quitted the Financial Market in early 2015 in search of new ideas and challenges for the future of their careers. In the capital of Germany, they saw the opportunity to unite their experiences of life with what the city presents as the best.

The idea of the company came at a decisive moment for this pair, when both were already with the flight tickets back to Brazil bought. It was already early 2016, when on a train trip from Potsdam to Berlin, an important question arose: “Why don’t we open a company here?”

While working on the company’s project, Renan’s girlfriend, Juliana, telephoned and suggested ideas that fit exactly what they were thinking, even without her knowing yet what was to come. Other friends also contacted them in this period with similar ideas, it seemed that the Universe was conspiring to open the company.

It was then that Go Easy Berlin was born, founded with the objective of offering services that go far beyond the conventional exchange packages. With partnerships established with the best language schools in Berlin (and all over Germany), the company offers several options for people who want to learn or improve the German language and also options for accommodation and several exclusive services.

Go Easy Berlin‘s intention is to be close to its customers, supporting them from the moment of the first contact to the end of the exchange program, which includes assistance in booking and purchasing air tickets, accommodation, transport and German language courses , In addition to the constant monitoring service. All the practicality and the exclusive work of advice in Berlin is only possible thanks to the support team in loco that organizes activities extraclasse, program of vacations, excursions and tour packages.

In addition to assisting in exchange programs, the company also cares about entertainment. That is, always bring information, tips and curiosities about Berlin, Germany and region. Our travel programs are complete, with local guides who speak your language, booking the best hotels, trains and everything you need to have the dream trip.

Go Easy Berlin thanks you for your confidence and the opportunity to work together.