Take advantage of the school holidays to study German in Berlin, learn a new culture and participate in exclusive extracurricular activities offered by Go Easy Berlin.

The listed packages offer full content of a exchange program, plus local tours and also in other historical cities in the region, with the convenience and tranquility of our continuous assistance services.

Go Easy Berlin

The European summer is a great time for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as walks in parks, sports activities and cultural. Know more about the tailor made holiday program of Go Easy Berlin.

Go Easy Winter

It's amazing to see the transformation that Berlin takes place during the winter time. The cold weather makes Berlin more charming, perfect for the practice of activities in the snow and visit the main sighseeings.

Berlin Intensive

You are looking for an intensive course in Berlin? Then this summer school is the perfect choice for you: German courses include 5 lessons per day - instead of 4 as in the other GLS summer schools in Berlin.

Berlin Young & Fun

You´ll learn German staying next to a great lake in Berlin, and more than that - you´ll also meet German children your age! The camp uses the facilities of a private university in Berlin Schmöckwitz.

Berlin Watersports

The summer camp is located on one of the lakes that surround Berlin, in the village of Blossin. This camp has water sports facilities - with lots of canoes, sailing boats and surfing equipment.

Berlin Villa

The Berlin Villa is ideal for a summer holiday with German courses, if you like it small, cozy and familial. The villa is like a safe island in the very center of bustling Berlin: it is located near Kudamm, the famous shopping street.

Berlin Riverside

The camp is on the banks of River Havel, one of Berlin´s two big rivers, and where the camp is, River Havel is nearly as wide as a small lake. A perfect place to relax and socialize after German classes.

Berlin Winter College

Some of our partner schools offer their own holiday programs, primarily targeted mostly for chat the Berlin College you´ll learn German in the very center of Berlin. The college has a huge and cool campus.

Summer Camp

The Summer Camp will be an ideal choice for you if you want your kids to spend time studying german and looking forward to afternoons full of activity and sports.

Munich Teen Courses

You are going to stay in a residence for young people that will be reserved for you and your course mates. Enjoy south Germany and explore Munich!

Weimar Teens Camp

Weimar serves as an important cornerstone in German history: The first republic was founded in the city and historical giants such as Goethe & Schiller!

Wittgenstein Castle

The school is located at the Castle, ancestral home of the illustrious Sayn-Wittgenstein dynasty, and mentioned first as early as 1187.