We would like to present our official logo and tell you a little about its meaning. We re-read the flags of Berlin and Germany:

We bring the bear, which is the symbol of the coat of arms, whose origin comes from the story of Albrecht I, called “the Bear.” He was a Saxon warrior who conquered the lands that are now Berlin, around the year 1100. Some of the people who inhabited this region were Slavs, with a language very different from the Germanic. “Berlin” came from the Slavic language, word used to denominate the marshy lands. At least this is the most accepted theory among those who study the subject.

The name Berlin written in German stands out in the middle in the red and white colors, which are the same as the city’s flag and the Brandenburg region.

The balloon, painted in the colors of the flag of Germany, is one of the postcards of Berlin and was used to convey tranquility and softness to our customers who are hoping to take flight.

The circular format resembles a stamp that people receive on their passports when they arrive in a new country, which is exactly what Go Easy Berlin offers you!