Sprachenatelier Berlin offers courses in German and 40 other languages but the institute is much more than a language school.

They founded Sprachenatelier Berlin in 2003 as both a school and a salon, as an institute where language learning is enhanced by a creative atmosphere, cultural events and intercultural exchange.

Their German courses make up the core of our language program. But they also offer courses in more than 40 other languages. A large room occupying half of one floor of the school is dedicated to art and cultural events. Located in Friedrichshain in the east part of the city, Sprachenatelier Berlin is housed in an early 20th century building designated as listed due to its Art Nouveau architectural style. The salon space features the original interior design and is the setting for regular art exhibitions, book readings and concerts.

Their cooperation partners include kulturprozess e.V. – Institute for Politics, Art and Culture, as well as over 50 universities on five continents.

At Sprachenatelier, they believe languages should be taught with an emphasis on communication. German courses at Sprachenatelier cover all elements of language learning - grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and speaking - even in the beginners' courses.

Standard Course

The German courses held at the Sprachenatelier range from standard courses from beginners (A1) to advanced (C2), in small international groups with an average of eight to 14 students.

The lessons are held in German even at the beginner level. Knowledge of foreign languages is not required. Nearly all of our teachers speak English, Spanish and/or another foreign language – but would prefer not to do so in class. Lessons are held exclusively in German.

In our German courses, they employ a variety of teaching methods. As every learning group is different, our teachers treat each group individually, use flexible teaching methods and adjust the lessons to cater to the students' needs.

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Evening Courses

Sprachenatelier Berlin also offers evening courses for those who have no time to learn German during the day. These evening courses usually take place twice a week.

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Preparation Courses

Sprachenatelier offers preparation for all German examinations, as for example Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD), Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (ZMP) and TestDaF/DSH. This instruction is given both in the regular intensive courses as well as in specific exam-preparation courses.

All of their teachers of DaF (German as a foreign language) have degrees from German Universities.

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Private Classes

Private instruction is definitely the most intensive and effective way of learning German. A qualified, experienced teacher attends to your personal learning needs, which means rapid improvement of your German is guaranteed.

Unlike in a standard German course, private instruction allows the teacher to focus exclusively on the student’s goals. Would you like to learn everyday German? Or do you have specific requirements that relate to your career or field?

Private lessons also allow us to better tailor your instruction according to your strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Are you seeking to perfect your spoken or written German? Or are you focused more on improving your understanding of verbal/written German?

Before you begin your lessons, they determine your exact requirements as well as your current level of German. Then they develop a learning curriculum individually suited to your goals.

When learning German privately, you decide on the number of hours per day, the duration and tempo of the course and the learning content. Additionally, you enjoy the undivided attention of your teacher, which enables you to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

They have courses available at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Some of their students also enrol in private lessons to compliment and supplement their coursework at Sprachenatelier. Through the standard course, learners discover which areas they need to work on and can concentrate on those areas much more effectively in the one-on-one environment of private instruction. All of their instructors are highly qualified university graduates with a degree and are experienced in teaching German as a second language.

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Special Courses

Learning a new language always means gaining access to a new culture. Therefore, in their German courses, students learn not only the German language but also the German culture. History, politics, literature, film and art are included in the curriculum of Sprachenatelier's German courses.

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The school is located in a trendy area close to Warschauer Straße and Boxhagener Platz.

Frankfurter Allee 40, 10247 Berlin

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