23 de June de 2016

Dimitris’ Diary: The Charms of Heidelberg

Hello everybody! My adventure starts today in the beautiful Heidelberg. Located in the northwest of Baden-Württemberg, it is the fifth largest city […]
20 de June de 2016

Dimitris’ Diary: The Black Forest

Hello, I’m Dimitris! I live in Berlin and I always had curiosity to know what life is like outside the capital, so […]
14 de June de 2016

Learn German with Eurocup 2016

The Euro 2016 has begun! The biggest tournament after the World Cup, began in Paris on last Friday, June 10th. The Eurocup […]
7 de June de 2016

The secret Biergarten of Berlin

The Biergärten are part of day-to-day in Germany and are in fact one of the greatest symbols of local culture and identity. […]
4 de June de 2016

Badeschiff: the pool in the middle of river Spree

The summer is coming and the weather has already begun to heat up in Berlin! And as there are no beaches in […]
30 de May de 2016

Canal KartoffelSalat

Você tem curiosidade sobre como é a vida na Alemanha? Como é o cotidiano em Berlim? Muito bem, o canal KartoffelSalat tem […]
28 de May de 2016

Mauerpark: history, flea market and karaoke

The Mauerpark is located in an area that previously corresponded to a “dead stripe” between the train station Schwedter Straße and the […]
25 de May de 2016

Sam King in Berlin

Sam King will hold a live performance at the Salon am Moritzplatz this Friday (27th May). Sam is an American singer in […]