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9 reasons to study German in Berlin

Many of you probably dream of – or at least have seriously thought about – going on a cultural exchange, living abroad for a while, studying and improving knowledge in a new language and feeling the great experience of being away from home.

We at Go Easy Berlin have already gone through this and would like to share with you some of our own experiences. We have listed 9 of the most significant reasons why you should really think about coming to Berlin and take the plunge into an exchange program in this amazing city!

1) New friends, different perspectives

Studying abroad, especially when travelling alone, may seem a bit hard at first, but it is undoubtedly a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and, therefore, you will meet people from all parts of the world, coming from completely different cultures which will certainly enrich your perceptions: the way you see the world will inevitably change. By sharing this moment so unique in your life, you will make friendships that will last forever, believe it!

2) Self-confidence

Even if you already speak a bit of German it’s still a great act of courage take a break from your routine (whatever it is), pack up and fly to Germany. You will learn a lot about life and how to do things never done before and as you succeed in your new challenges, will also get a sense of extra confidence. Gradually you will realize even in the smallest details, such as going to the grocery store, ask for information and face the daily tasks. For example, to have a good sense of direction and use the subway properly can be complex in the beginning (especially for people who live in places where there is no subway), but after some time it becomes something so normal that it will make you notice how quickly you will have gone through this.

3) Responsibility

Many people are not used to do all things for themselves, especially the younger ones, while still living with parents. By taking part of an exchange program you will learn how to take care of yourself without the help of any family member or close friend. You will learn that to wash clothes, to cook, to wake up on time and to organize your schedule are things that will depend solely on yourself, once you will have no one to do them for you. It may not sound like the “dream life”, but soon you will not only appreciate more all the things that you had while living with your parents, but will also realize that knowing how to perform all the daily tasks re essential for a person’s growth.

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4) Living history in real time

Berlin breathes history, as much has taken place here and much still happens! When exposed to a multicultural city like this, you can enrich your knowledge and get to have a real sense and imagine how things were here in that not-so-far-away past. Moreover, the story doesn’t stop. You will be in the most important capital of the European Union, which is stage of some of the most important decisions, not only for Germany but for the whole world in general.

Read more: https://goeasyberlin.de/en/about-berlin/history-of-berlin/

5) Living in the middle of Europe

Living in Berlin offers numerous possibilities. Its location in the heart of Central Europe, enables people to travel to many destinations. The region has great connections to trains and buses, both regional and international. When scheduled with some advance, air fares are also really cheap. For instance, from time to time you can find deals for airline tickets for just 1 euro. Berlin is without doubt a place that will open the door for you to explore other worlds and enrich your program even more.

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6) The city of contrasts

The city of Berlin is one of the best examples when we think of a place that is able to offer different things and situations: this is where you can take a walk during the morning in the middle of the beautiful Tiergarten, to eat a traditional currywurst, go shopping in many of the Ku’damm fancy shops, to visit the best art exhibitions in the Museum Island, to have a coffee in the hipster neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, to party the clubs in Friedrichshain, located in the former east Berlin, and to end your day eating a delicious “kebab” in Kreuzberg, a neighborhood that resembles more Istanbul than Berlin.

This diversity is also reflected in the way people behave. It’s the place where you have the freedom to think, say and do pretty much whatever you want, without necessarily being judged and criticized by people. It’s one of the cities that better absorbs and assimilates the differences between the old and the new, concrete and green, past and present, business and arts; among many other examples of contrasts that are just simply here.

Read more: https://goeasyberlin.de/en/about-berlin/why-berlin/

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7) Cultural enrichment

When living in a different city, especially in such a diverse city like Berlin, you will surely enrich your knowledge, as you will have a chance to see with your own eyes what the books only tell. You will be exposed to daily doses of history, music, literature, arts, parties, local and international cuisine and hear all the time the main languages of the world: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc. It’s the great opportunity you will have to meet different people and cultures!

8) Curriculum with international experience

Companies are always seeking for well-skilled employees and for those who have done interesting things during their lives. The experiences that you will carry together after an exchange program can make all the difference. For example, to live and study for a while in Berlin will add a lot of value to your resume and will certainly increase your chances of getting great opportunities to enter a German company or any other one that considers people with rich skills and good personal experiences.

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9) Speak German!

Zu guter Letzt, the last and probably the most important reason for you to study abroad is that an exchange program is the fastest and most effective way to learn a foreign language, becoming even fluent in the language. Living and studying in Germany makes you learn the language in direct contact with the natives, in a much more dynamic and actual form. That said, you will have the best conditions and chances to learn German, the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe, which will only bring benefits throughout your professional and personal life.

For more details about the exchange programs offered by Go Easy Berlin, please click on the link below:


What do you think about our list? Leave your comment below! If you still have questions or just want to know more about life in Germany, please contact us. We want to help you in this process and make you realize this great dream! 🙂

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