27 de July de 2016

Free wifi in Berlin’s transport system

The BVG company, responsible for Berlin’s public transport system, announced today excellent news for those who like to stay connected: the network […]
26 de July de 2016

Dimitris’ Diary: Bodensee and its beautiful surrounding cities

Today I will tell you about my visit to the Bodensee region, also known as Lake Constance in southern Germany, which is […]
21 de July de 2016

50 slangs of Berlin

The standard German, called Hochdeutsch, is taught in language schools. It is also the official written form in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. […]
16 de July de 2016

Dimitris’ Diary: Stuttgart, cradle of the automobile and the imperial family.

My adventure today takes me to the historic Stuttgart, the capital and largest city of Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany. I came to […]
9 de July de 2016

9 reasons to study German in Berlin

Many of you probably dream of – or at least have seriously thought about – going on a cultural exchange, living abroad […]
5 de July de 2016

Dimitris’ Diary: Frankfurt – history, modernity and business

I left Trier towards Frankfurt am Main, one of the most important financial centers of Europe. The decision for this city came […]
30 de June de 2016

10 diferenças entre brasileiros e alemães

Que alemães e brasileiros tem muitas diferenças culturais, todos nós sabemos. Por isso, a Go Easy Berlin entrevistou brasileiros que moram na […]
27 de June de 2016

Dimitris’ Diary: Trier and the Roman Empire

It’s time to visit the oldest city in Germany: Trier! Located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, near the border with Luxembourg and […]