13 de August de 2016

Program for Doctors in Germany

There are certain specific courses for doctors in Germany who wish to practice their profession in the country. This is an excellent […]
11 de August de 2016

The pronunciation of the German language

Olá! Hoje é dia de aprender ou reforçar o conhecimento sobre a pronúncia dos principais fonemas da língua alemã. Aprender os fonemas […]
29 de July de 2016

Numbers in German: how to count from 1 to 100

Hello! Do you already know the numbers in German? Learn with Go Easy Berlin how to count from 1 to 100! In […]
21 de July de 2016

50 slangs of Berlin

The standard German, called Hochdeutsch, is taught in language schools. It is also the official written form in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. […]
9 de July de 2016

9 reasons to study German in Berlin

Many of you probably dream of – or at least have seriously thought about – going on a cultural exchange, living abroad […]
28 de April de 2016

Study German!

To learn German means to be ready for new opportunities. There are hundreds of scholarships offered every semester for foreigners to study […]