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The secret Biergarten of Berlin

The Biergärten are part of day-to-day in Germany and are in fact one of the greatest symbols of local culture and identity. The word Biergarten in German means “beer garden”, as it’s presumed. During the warmer months, you can find several of them and enjoy traditional German beers.

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The always relaxed and festive atmosphere brings together diverse people around the typical wooden tables, lots of beer and yields good stories. Unlike many places, the tables are shared and you don’t necessarily need to know everyone to sit beside.

In Berlin, the Biergärten compete directly with the Strandbars, which are usually on the banks of the river Spree. Like in all more traditional areas of the country, the Biergärten have excellent quality and one of the best of Berlin is located in the magnificent Tiergarten.

The Tiergarten is one of the leading and most popular parks in the city, which gathers thousands of people seeking outdoor activities to take advantage of the weekends.

The park occupies an area of 210 hectares and is full of activities for its visitors, such as lawns for sports – badminton, frisbee or football – picnic areas, playgrounds and of course a Biergarten.

Inside the park, in an almost secret area, there is a very traditional beer garden with German typical food and different types of beers. The atmosphere is very nice and refers to the interior of Germany, due to the fact of being located in a bucolic area surrounding a lake and is frequented predominantly by Germans.

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The Cafe am Neuen See, as it is called the Biergarten offers choices of pizza, pretzel, pork, potatoes salad and traditional desserts. The tables are arranged in the vast majority lakeside Neuer See, where visitors can admire the beauty of the region.

You can rent small boats to paddle to walk around, something unusual and different to include in your trip to the park. To access the Biergarten, the easiest way is to walk from the Siegessäule through the Fasaneriealle track, which will give access to Cafe am Neuen See, located at Lichtensteinallee 2.

Enjoy also to discover the attractions of the region, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Siegessäule and the beautiful Berlin Zoo.

It is a very tasty tour and recommend to all those who are here in Berlin. Join your friends, get a beer and Prost! 😉

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