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Learn German with Eurocup 2016

The Euro 2016 has begun! The biggest tournament after the World Cup, began in Paris on last Friday, June 10th. The Eurocup is extremely well played and exciting, attracting the attention not only of the fans that support their national teams, but also of any lover of football in the world.

Germany, the current world champion, debuted in the competition with a victory 2-0 over Ukraine. And as everyone can already see – Brazilians might say it better – the Germans are passionate about football. Four times world champions and with one of the strongest European national leagues (Bundesliga), the enthusiasm of the fans only get higher! The German team now runs for its fourth title of Euro (last won in 1996, 20 years ago).

Member of the Euro Group C Germany competes, as well as Ukraine, with Poland (from the striker Levandowski, beloved by the fans in Bavaria) and also with Northern Ireland, pleasant surprise in this currently edition.

People can easily notice how the country gets an incredible atmosphere during the major championships. Most establishments mount special structures for matches transmission, with big screens on sidewalks, decorations in the colors of the flag and enough beer! If any of you are in Germany during this period you should not miss this party, even if not so fond of football.

The next match of German team is against Poland, on Thursday, 16th.

For you who want to get in on the German crowd, find below some expressions in German from the football world:

Tor! = goal!

das Trikot = jersey

der Stürmer = striker

der Mittelfeldspieler = midfielder

der Verteidiger = defender

der Torwart = goalkeeper

das Stadion = stadium

das Spielfeld = field

die Mittellinie = midfield line

der Strafraum = area

der Torpfosten = goalpost

das Netz = net

der Anpfiff = starting whistle

der Anstoß = kick-off

der Schiedsrichter = referee

der Linienrichter = linesman

der Ballbesitz = ball possession

den Ball abgeben = pass the ball

abseits = offside

die Ersatzbank = dugout

der Eckball = corner kick

das Foul = foul

der Elfmeter = penalty

die gelbe/rote Karte = yellow/red card

der Platzverweis = expulsion

der Gegner = opponent

die Nachspielzeit = injury time

die Verlängerung = extra time

der Ausgleich = draw

der Sieg = win

die Niederlage = loss

die erste/zweite Halbzeit = first/second half

der Pokal = cup

die Meisterschaft = championship

der Gewinner = winner

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