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Badeschiff: the pool in the middle of river Spree

The summer is coming and the weather has already begun to heat up in Berlin! And as there are no beaches in the surroundings, the Berliners seek alternatives to cool off. One of them are public pools, which are really famous between the months of May and September. Scattered throughout the city, they are like fever among young people seeking for fun and entertainment.

One of the most famous pools is the Badeschiff, located in the district of Friedrichshain and literally in the middle of river Spree. That’s right, into the river. The area has beach chairs on wooden platforms or on the sandbox (to make up that beach atmosphere), two bars and a snack bar. The climate is quite relaxing and the place is frequented mainly by young people.

The place has an intense schedule of events and usually gathers all people who loves lounge and electronic music. In the pool you can rent boards for practice stand-up paddle (SUP). It is an interesting and different way to explore and interact with the river Spree, which is of great importance to the city. From the pool deck you can also have a privileged view of the Molecule Men, a modernist sculpture that became one of the postcards of the city.

2016_06_04_Badenschiff 2 2016_06_04_Badenschiff 3

As you can imagine, the place is very busy, so if you plan to spend your day at Badeschiff, try to get there as soon as possible to save your place. If you forget to take along, you can purchase towels and sunscreen in one of the bars.

And after the pool if you’re still in the mood, you can get to the Club der Visionäre, which is located right next to Badeschiff. It is one of the most sought-after clubs in the city with house music, known for working during unconventional timetable and being a reference for its “after parties”.

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