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The Schlachtensee is another one of the lakes located in Berlin. Unlike Wannsee, this lake does not have a strip of sand as its banks are covered with vegetation, but it’s a real eye candy, so nice it is!

Your visitors are spread among the small gaps that form between the trees. The place is very popular among young people, including foreigners, who meet up after their language school or university classes. That’s why the atmosphere is very international and it is not uncommon to hear more English than German at this location.

People often do picnics, meet friends, listen to their music and practice water sports. On the lake there is the possibility of renting boards for stand-up paddle, because it is a great place to do this, as the calm waters make it easy to balance. Many also practice kayaking and the vast majority of people go swimming or simply stay relaxing.

2016_09_01_Schlachtensee 2

Do not be surprised if you see naked people swimming. This behavour came from East Germany during the Cold War, it is still frequent and taken naturally. People act normally without any embarrassment.

The Schlachtensee also has an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy German cuisine. For those who just want to take a pint of beer, we recommend that you take also a Bretzel, typical German bread, very delicious by the way. A label tip: when this restaurant is recommended to put a shirt because, as everywhere, is a disrespectful act to sit at the table without costumes. This is true even for the tables surrounding the lake!

The surroundings of the lake is also a great track for jogging. In its route of about 5 km, you can find many people training and enjoying the beautiful scene. During the mild season it is perfect, as less people goes there once temperatures are not favorable for swimming in the lake.

2016_09_01_Schlachtensee 3

Access can be made by S1 line of the S-Bahn station in “Schlachtensee”, which in a few steps you already get access to the lake and surroundings. Right at the station there is an ice cream shop with great choices of flavors! 🙂

Many people like also riding bikes from Berlin center to the lake, a route that takes on average of 40 to 60 minutes. The summer is not over yet, so hurry up and enjoy another one of those must-see destinations in the city of Berlin!

Have you already been there? So tell us what you think!

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