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Klunkerkranich: the coolest roof-top-bar in Berlin

That Neukölln is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Berlin, everyone already knows. This region has many attractions and unique places not found in any other part of the city.

Today we’ll talk about a “roof-top garden bar” called Klunkerkranich.

There are several reasons for you to visit this place, but the main one is the spectacular view of Berlin this bar offers. Located in the southeast part of the city, the panoramic view to the center highlights the stunning (and always omnipresent) Fernsehenturm, Germany’s largest television tower located at Alexanderplatz.

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The schedule is varied, with performances by musicians and DJs from different nationalities. On the day that Go Easy Berlin visited the space, a Brazilian singer was playing there. The live music and the tranquility of visitors turn this place into a unique experience. The space is located on top of the shopping center Arcade Neukölln, located in Karl-Marx-Straße 66.

The use of alternative spaces, such as car parks for example, is not exclusive to Berlin. This format of bar is also found in other major cities in Europe, such as Brussels, Zurich, among others. It is a trend that has been successful and attracts more and more people looking for relaxation to enjoy good time with friends.

The public that frequents the place is quite varied, with many foreign visitors. The city’s multiculturalism is well represented here. After 6 pm, it usually begins to form a queue to access the Klunkerkranich. So if you want to avoid queues, try to get there a little earlier! The area has many outdoor tables as well as a covered area with a bar and stage for live performances. The decor is rustic and very funky, mingling with the designed garden.

A German documentary called “Du muss dein Ändern leben”, something like “Live your changes” was filmed in this place and talks about its construction and purpose. The implicit message of the film is: “People coming to Berlin believe that everything here is possible” ( This tip is for those who want to watch a movie related to the Berlin daily.

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The sunset view from this place is spectacular, it’s worth it arriving early and waiting to admire it. From Monday to Saturday the opening hour is 10 am, on Sundays at 12 am and it runs always until 1:30 am. Plan a hang-out with your friends and come and enjoy this true Berliner space. The lights, the flowers and the relaxed atmosphere will bring you the feeling of being in a very special place!

Access by public transport to the Klunkerkranich can be done by Rathaus Neukölln station U7 U-Bahn or the M41 bus line. The cost of entry may vary, but it’s usually charged € 3 per person. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this site and then share with us your experiences!

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