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The Lake Wannsee

The lake Wannsee is located in the western part of Berlin, in the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district. The region of Wannsee has two lakes: Großer Wannsee (Great Wannsee) and the Kleiner Wannsee (Little Wannsee). The largest covers an area of 2.7 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of 9 meters.

On the edge of this channel is the Villa Wannsee, known for being the place where the Nazi leadership met in January 1942, in the “Wannsee Conference”, where it was taken the decision to exterminate the Jewish people. These waters were controlled by the Communists until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Today there are several leisure options around this area. One of the most popular choices, especially on hot days, is the Strandbad Wannsee equivalent to the beach for Berliners. During the summer, thousands of people go to this extensive stretch of sand to enjoy the sunny days. This area is private and access is via a gatehouse next to exit the S-Bahn line (S1) in the terminal station Wannsee. It is a good option for those who want to give a quick getaway from the center and enjoy nature.

Another interesting option is the boat ride. There is a ferry that makes the trip across the lake and the ticket costs 12 euros per person (children, students and seniors get discount). Access to the ferry is also guaranteed for those who have the Monatskarte (BVG transport monthly card).



The boat also leaves from the area close to the S-Bahn (S1) Wannsee and makes the tour by the beautiful mansions of the region. Travelers can enjoy an on-board service with bar and drinks. The region is quite forested, which offers different impressions to visitors during the different seasons.

The seasons are well defined in Berlin and therefore the landscapes throughout the year can be very different. In autumn and spring they are extremely romantic and breathtaking. In summer, the green and the sun! In winter, the leaves are missing, but there is the charm of the snow.

One of the ferries stops is in Potsdam, the capital of the state Brandenburg and important historical city, on the Berlin border. The city has a rich architecture, with influences from diverse cultures ranging from Saxon to the Dutch. Our friend Dimitris will make a trip there soon and tell you about their experiences!

Another must-see stop is the Pfauleninsel island, where there is a typical German restaurant with a spectacular view of the lake. The menu features specialties of the country, a variety of sweets, and beer! The atmosphere is very nice and now in the summer also has a Biergarten.

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From Pfauleninsel to Wannsee (final season), the boat passes through the mansion of Brad Pitty and Angelina Jolie. Many of American artists, when they come to Berlin, are hosted in this region.

We hope you enjoyed to know more about this region, not so common among tourists visiting Berlin, but very nice indeed

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