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Berlin is a very cosmopolitan and international city. This reflects directly in the wide range of supermarkets and shops, which generally seek to meet the needs and customs of its inhabitants.

When we talk about typical German food, then we think of baked potatoes, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato salad, sausages, pork meat, cabbage, etc. They are in fact options easily found in Berlin, but not exclusive. The main reason for this is that the local cuisine was strongly influenced by other people who came to live here.

We have as a highlight the Turkish cuisine, which can be found anywhere in the city. In every corner, more precisely! The big reason is due the fact that Berlin has the highest concentration of Turks outside Turkey. This greatly explains why we find so many Kebab options!

Indian, Greek food and many African countries also mark a strong presence in all districts of the city, besides the great Italian restaurants!

2016_05_24 Alimentação e Gastronomia 2

Another trend already well marked is the variety of organic products for vegetarians and also vegans, as Berlin is the capital that has the largest number of adherents of this lifestyle. The city has even the largest chain of vegan supermarkets in the world, called Veganz and also has the first vegan avenue in the world, the Schivelbeiner Straße. Not to mention the numerous cafes and restaurants that follow the same line!

There are several shops with natural products, specialties from other countries and small markets almost anywhere in the city. Prices may vary from region to region, but when we compare the cost of food items with other major European capitals, we realize that Berlin is indeed a city much more affordable! (to see more details, check out the section ”Cost of Living”.

In the city there are more than ten supermarket chains, distributed over the twelve districts that compose the German capital.

Great traditional supermarket, with normal prices:






Supermarkets with more affordable prices in Berlin:






Very cheap supermarkets:




Supermarket where you find organic/vegan products:


Gastronomical section in department stores:

6st floor at KaDeWe

Underground at Galeries Lafayette

What about beers? That’s certainly another story…

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