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The Decision to Leave

The grueling routine and lack of motivation at work lead us to reflect on what is best for our lives and sometimes the answer to that is far from the office. All this stress accumulated day-to-day along the endless days, until the moment you realize that leaving is the best solution!

Definitely not an easy task to determine the right time to drop everything and go after your dreams, being quite likely that this “dream” does not have a clear meaning yet. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry! Most people do not know what they really look for and many of them end up finding their answers in these moments of escape.

It’s been increasingly common to see friends and acquaintances drastically changing their routines and charting new directions – whether professional, personal or even sentimental. In fact, it is not simple to make such important decision, but it is the old quote that says “if we do not take the first step, we will never know…”

Do not have neither that much fear and nor that much addiction to things and people! Consider first if a major change is what you and/or your family need to have a better life or simply to have perspective of good achievements.

Second, plan it well in advance. Talk to people you really trust (great friends always say the truth) and start researching the means by which you can accomplish this new project.

Among so many things to worry about, one of the most important is obviously the destination. The place where you will moor your boat. There are so many amazing places in this wide world, but do keep in mind that it is vital to evaluate what this new home can offer to come up with your expectations and future needs.

2016_05_18 A decisão de partir 2

For example, here in Berlin we see many people who quit their promising careers in their home countries to try something new and recreate themselves in this fascinating and attractive city. The reasons for this are uncountable, ranging from those who came to be part of a cinema project to those who came to study and do a graduate or master (many people motivated by the free courses offered here in Germany).

It is very interesting to see this connection that Berlin has with people who want to fly high and grow. Compared to the European standards, Berlin is considered one of the cheapest capital and this reason directly influences the amount of start-ups and new companies that pop up, founded in majority by young people who want to learn and use their knowledge for the society.

To believe in yourself and set a schedule for your dreams is really fundamental. The answer is often simpler than you might think. Use the power of imagination! It’s just a matter of focus and alignment with what you want today and looking forward.

Have you ever thought of throwing it all away and risking into a new life?

Come to Berlin. Maybe you find out that your future is right here! 😉

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