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The Carnival of Berlin

Another festive event is taking place this weekend in Berlin: The Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen). It is an urban festival, which brings together thousands of people and which aims to celebrate the diversity of the city, very international in its essence.

2016_05_12 O Carnaval de Berlim 2During the four days of Christian Pentecost holiday, the whole city (and especially the Kreuzberg district) is taken by events, concerts and free shows from different cultures, representing and ennobling Berlin as the German capital. It is an event that young people, children and adults can participate: people casually dressed in costumes of colorful themes. Movements of Brazilian culture also take part, represented by the contagious rhythm of samba.

Street festivals take place between 13th and 16th May, which includes more than 100 concerts of international bands and DJs, acrobats and magicians in Blücherplatz. The main parade starts on Sunday 15th, at 12:30 in Hermannplatz and terminates around 9 pm at Möckernstraße.

2016_05_12 O Carnaval de Berlim 3The Carnival emerged in the late 90s, in order to celebrate the multifaceted Berliners as well as to bring the minorities into a more visible sphere. It was a clear position for the construction of a city based on inclusion. The residents here are proud of the multicultural life and peaceful coexistence among the peoples living in the city, that often have such different views and habits.

Although the party’s goals have changed a little in the past years, the focus still remain on the acceptance and appreciation of those who live in Berlin and here seek for their happiness. Join us in this party and enjoy another of these great events that shake this city!


Subway stations for access to the events:

Hermannplatz (U7 e U8).

Südstern (U7), Gneisenaustraße (U7) e Mehringdamm (U6 e U7) are located along the route.


To get more details, please check out the Berlin’s Prefecture webpage:




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