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Dimitris’ Diary: the lovely city of Bamberg and its breweries!

Hallo! I am Dimitris and today I will tell you about my adventure in the lovely city of Bamberg! The city is located in the state of Bavaria, near Nuremberg, and is the basis for Otto-Friedrich-Universität, reason why we notice a university atmosphere, full of young students. The historic center of Bamberg (Altstadt), fully intact, was recognized in 1993 by UNESCO as world heritage.

My visit was guided by the young Felix, a friend who took me to walk through the main points of the city. Bamberg is relatively small, so I could visit and see almost everything on foot. From the central train station to the old center it takes on average a 20 minutes’ walk.

2016_08_05_Bamberg 6 2016_08_05_Bamberg 1

I started at the old town hall (Altes Rathaus), which is one of the main postcards and without doubt one of the attractions that must be visited. I stared for several minutes admiring that beauty place, on the Geyerswörthsteg bridge, that offers the best angle for pictures like this one could take. The day was wonderful, sunny and blue sky.

What caught my attention in the city was the ability to preserve its medieval character over time. A visit to the Imperial Cathedral of Bamberg is also essential. Built in 1237, it has the tomb of Pope Clement II and the emperor’s grave Henry II and his wife.

The old quarter of fishermen, now known as Little Venice (Klein-Venedig) is very cozy and a meeting place! I highly recommend a walk around this part of town. And the bridge that gives access to Klein-Venedig, is also the one that leads you to the bohemian center of Bamberg.

2016_08_05_Bamberg 2 2016_08_05_Bamberg 7

For beer lovers, this is one of the places that offer more options in Germany. There are many breweries scattered throughout the city, and you can try so many different types of beers, one more different than the other.

The beer Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier” is well known not only in the region but also by an international audience. This beer is smoked and you can feel a taste similar to bacon. It’s worth a try, even if only a single dose! You can find it in the traditional tavern Schlenkerla, which is an important institution in the city in operation since 1405, based in the historic center.

2016_08_05_Bamberg 4 2016_08_05_Bamberg 5

Without having planned, I ended up visiting the city on the day that one of the largest festivals in the region took place: Bamberger Sandkerwa. The most popular folk festival of Bamberg brings together people from several nearby towns. Here you can meet old friends and it is also an enabling environment for making new friends.

I felt that Bamberg is a place where people can live peacefully and enjoy the best the city has to offer. I talked with many local students, who told me all the plans for their lives with great enthusiasm, knowing that these period of studies will give a very positive return in the near future. I was very excited about this good energy that I saw. Perhaps the fact of being a city a bit away of the big centers, built on a single architecture and having an incomparable charm, makes this place so special.

Unfortunately, my adventure in Bamberg ended here. I would love to have stayed longer, because the city is indeed a fairy tale! But I have to move on and my next destination is Nuremberg, important place for world history. I hope you are enjoying the journey with me!

Bis bald!


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