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Mauerpark: history, flea market and karaoke

The Mauerpark is located in an area that previously corresponded to a “dead stripe” between the train station Schwedter Straße and the Wall, which divided the city into East and West during the Cold War.

Soon after the reunification of Germany, the region gained the status of a typical Berliner event and the park was opened to the general public. Today, on Sundays especially in the warmer months of the year, both locals and tourists gather at the Mauerpark to enjoy various attractions such as live concerts, the famous Flea Market, traditional cuisine and thrilled karaoke.

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The karaoke is organized by the Irish man Joe Hatchiban, who brings his bike with speaker and microphone to the amphitheater around 3 pm and invites to join all those who want to sing for hundreds of spectators. It’s really funny to watch those people singing, without any shame or intimidation. Some of them sing very well and, with great songs, put all the audience up.

The Flea Market is quite traditional and it is possible to find second-hand-fancy-brands clothes, furniture, handicrafts in general, jewelry, war memorabilia, well-known ecological bags of Berlin, among a multitude of decorative items that will leave you entertained for some hours.

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Many singers and independent bands are spread throughout the park, presenting to the massive flow of people who goes in and out. It is quite interesting to observe the diversity of musical genres and see how the different “tribes” live in the same place simultaneously.

People have the chance to experience good culinary options, from German sausages with a dozen types of mustards, to Turkish food, fish, pizzas, and pastries. Many people are sitting on the lawn, taking their beer or doing even BBQ!

2016_05_28 Mauerpark 6

And the best part is that all this huge cultural event is free. If you are in Berlin the next Sunday, be sure to check personally! And if you are planning a trip here, try to include a Sunday in your itinerary.

Localization: Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin

Access: U-Bahnhof Bernauer Str. (line U8) | Eberswalder Str. (line U2) | Bus 247 (towards Wolliner Str.) | Tram M10, stops Wolliner Str. and Friedrich-Ludwig-John-Sportpark.

Timetable: The park is open every day, no time restriction. The Flea Market operates on Sundays, from 8 am to 6 pm.

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