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Appointments at the Immigration Office in Germany

Go Easy Berlin Travel UG, a relocation company established and registered in Germany since 2016, has made it its mission to offer international clients effective support in bureaucratic matters in the country. One of the key services offered by the company is assistance in applying for visas and residence permits, a crucial stage for the majority of its clients, mainly qualified professionals, students and companies.

Upon receiving a request, the Go Easy Berlin Travel UG team begins a thorough process of making an appointment with the German Consulate or foreigners’ department responsible for the jurisdiction in Germany. Different forms of communication are used, including emails, face-to-face appointments, specific portals for relocation companies and online booking portals, ensuring that the appointment is personalised according to the individual needs of each client.

It’s important to note that Go Easy Berlin Travel UG does not use digital robots for bookings. Each appointment is made personally, manually and individually by the team members, using the platforms provided by the immigration departments or consulates.

Go Easy Berlin Travel UG emphasises its transparent booking policy. In accordance with the immigration department’s requirements, booking times requires specific information, such as the client’s name and date of birth. Thus, the company only begins the process of looking for appointments when an actual client, who has contracted its services, has completed the documentation and is ready for the interview.

The company’s commitment is entirely focused on providing specialised support on bureaucratic issues in Germany, concentrating on the first step after the arrival of its clients. Go Easy Berlin Travel UG ensures that its clients are properly prepared and equipped with the correct documentation, avoiding wasted time for both parties during the interview process at the foreigners’ office.

For more information, please contact Sr. Renan Aoki at contact@goeasyberlin.de .


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