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5 de April de 2017
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German & Football in Berlin

Our interviewee today is Thomaz, a young Brazilian who moved to Berlin in September 2016. After a season in Austria, the 20-year-old guy found an opportunity in the Brandenburg region to join the German soccer league.

We were at the Humboldt-Institut, one of the most renowned language teaching institutions in Germany, where Thomaz is studying German and in few months has reached level C1, which guarantees him the chance to apply for the tests and for a place in the University.

He told us that he learned German in Austria but that it was in Berlin the place he could really develop his language skills. According to Thomaz, a smoothly integration in the institute was made since the very first day and he felt totally welcomed and motivated to participate in the activities of the school.

One factor that helps this integration in the Humboldt-Institut is the fact that many students live in the accommodations located in the building of the school, which is part of its facilities. This allows the students to interact and practice more the language. Longer workload and extraclass activities drive learning and help students develop their skills faster. All this added to an impeccable structure and teachers with excellence in teaching are the key to imminent success.

The young Brazilian, originally from Belo Horizonte, told us very enthusiastically about his passions and football is undoubtedly one of his greatest. Fascinated by the sport, Thomaz played in Austrian teams and after his move to Berlin he found himself without opportunities in the first moment. He spent about six months without a team until he got a chance at a club based in Brandenburg. From this moment on he started reconciling the studies in the Humboldt with the daily football training in the afternoon.

Getting to play in Germany is not an easy task, but Thomaz has given us some tips for those who want to join a team. One of the most important points is to have a visa that allows you to study and work in the country. He recommends that you look for people in the parks that are playing ball and from these contacts, you might get an invitation to play in an organized match, in which there may also be someone who can help you join a team. This happened to him after finding two young men passing with a ball in their hands through the streets of Berlin. Another tip is to try out places in the clubs during the early summer when the window for transfers is open and the teams are setting up their squads.

It is important to note that there are many scammers in this area, so stay away and do not sign contracts before you know what are the real conditions and consequences to come.

About Berlin, Thomaz says the city is very pleasing to him because he it is really international and always has many activities and concerts. He considers Berlin a lively and interesting city, which we at Go Easy Berlin also agree.

One of the neighborhoods that appeals to him is the Mitte, where the Humboldt-Institut is located. The institute was founded in 1977 and throughout its lifetime, more than 60,000 students from 160 countries took intensive German courses.

Facilities at the Humboldt-Institut in Berlin are modern, offering spectacular infrastructure with well-equipped classrooms, student accommodation, a dining room and a terrace that provides an incredible view of Berlin.

Would you like to know more about the German courses offered by the Institute or about football in Germany? Contact Go Easy Berlin at . We will be very happy to help you! 🙂

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