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Get to know the App that will not let you get lost in Berlin!

The BVG application, the company responsible for the public transport system in Berlin, is ideal for those who need to travel around the city and totally recommended by us from Go Easy Berlin! In a city where transportation mostly respects the predetermined times, it is very easy to schedule and not miss the time of your appointment.

Among the various functionalities of the application, it is possible to trace the route from your current location to your final destination, in order to obtain the best combinations of trains, metros or buses, maximizing your time and making the transportation as efficient as possible . You can also simulate for future periods, so if you want to program your next day’s route in advance, simply change the date and time.

In the application you have access to the map of all Berlin lines, which is very useful when you want to measure distances and have an idea of where the stations and points of interest are located.

It is also possible, if you like, to buy the tickets with the application. More than 15 options of ticket combinations are available! To know the rates and have more information about the transport in Berlin, click here.

The BVG is the face of the city of Berlin and always brings irreverence in its advertising campaigns seeking current themes that applies in the daily life of Berliners. Do not waste your time and download the app! Surely it will help you a lot in the organization of your trip and will be essential if you live in the city of Berlin.

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