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I’ve lost my house keys in Germany, what should I do?

Losing your house keys can be a stressful situation, but in Germany, as elsewhere, there are measures you can take to solve the problem. Here are some suggestions:

Contact the Owner or Administrator

Inform the owner or property management company immediately if you lose your keys. They may have specific procedures for dealing with this situation.

Locksmith Service (Schlüsseldienst)

If you can’t resolve the problem directly with the owner, you can call a locksmith service (Schlüsseldienst). This service specialises in opening locks and, if necessary, replacing them. Bear in mind that locksmith services can be a little expensive, so it’s advisable to check prices in advance.

Berlin’s official website provides a list of professionals registered in the city. To access it, click here.


If you suspect that your keys have been stolen or lost in suspicious circumstances, it is advisable to report the incident to the police.

In Germany, a police report is called an “Anzeige” and can be filed with the local police. Here are the basic steps for making a complaint:

Choose the Location: Go to the police station closest to where the incident occurred. If you don’t know which police station is appropriate, you can go to the nearest one and they will direct you if necessary.

Take identification documents: Take your identification documents with you, such as your passport or identity card.

Describe the incident: When you arrive at the police station, explain clearly what happened. Give precise details and, if possible, have relevant notes or evidence.

Fill in a Report Form: The police officer will give you a report form to fill in. This form will include information about the incident, your name, address and other relevant details.

Sign the Report: After filling in the form, you will need to sign it to confirm the veracity of the information provided.

Receive a Copy of the Report: Make sure you receive a copy of the report for your records. This can be useful for future reference or for insurance purposes.

Registration Number: The police officer will assign a registration number to your complaint. Make a note of this number, as it will be useful for tracking the progress of the investigation, if any.

Remember that it’s important to report the incident as soon as possible. If the incident involves a more serious crime or you need immediate assistance, call the emergency number (Polizeinotruf) 110 in Germany.

The exact procedures may vary slightly depending on the jurisdiction, so it is always advisable to follow the instructions of the local police.

Replacing the lock

If the keys cannot be recovered or there are security concerns, it may be necessary to replace the lock. Normally, this responsibility falls to the tenant, and you should discuss this option with the landlord.

Home Insurance

Check that you have home insurance that covers situations such as lost keys. In some cases, insurance can help cover the costs associated with replacing locks. Our safe recommendation is Feather, for more information click here.

In conclusion, if you need support, just fill in the form below or send us an e-mail to contact@goeasyberlin.de.


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