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It’s never late for an exchange program

Exchange programs are no longer exclusive to adolescents. We live today in a globalized and dynamic world in which people seek to achieve their dreams regardless of the stage of life they are in. We experience the perfect moment for those who believe that it is never too late to realize their desires. Following this trend, we see numerous examples of experienced people who came to Berlin in search of learning or better their language skills.

After working a few years, getting professional and personal experience, it is very gratifying to have a chance to take a sabbatic year or something similar. One thing that for many can be considered crazy, but that is actually an opening to a new world of opportunities. In this period you can dedicate yourself to activities that you have never had time to go to.

Many people in this situation take the time to go abroad to do some course, related to the knowledge of foreign languages, arts, philosophy or any other that is part of their profile. Of course this decision is not instant, you need proper programming and preparation.

One option for those who are still undecided about this step is to take a test. For example, if your goal is to study language in some other country, take a 2 or 3 week course during your vacation from work. With this you will have an idea of what is to come and if an extended stay is exactly what you want and need.

More and more people are seeking this type of experience and the market realizes this and prepares specific programs for this group. For those who would like to take their time off and learn the German language or something related to culture, some Berlin schools already offer programs aimed exclusively at this audience, where more mature people come together and develop their skills together.

Working in mixed groups is also a possibility. We see more and more classes with students ranging from 16 to 65 years old. The dynamics work well and for more differences between generations, teachers can manage the content and dynamism of the lesson well. There are, of course, cases of people who do not feel comfortable studying with very young groups, so the 30+ vacation course was created. The program takes place in the summer months in Berlin, when the largest concentration of teenagers is in the city.

If you are interested in taking a course in Germany with or without the 30+ public, the Go Easy Berlin team is ready to assist you with this decision. Contact us at contact@goeasyberlin.de or see the options of courses offered by clicking here!


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