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The long night of museums in Berlin

Next August 19 it will take place one of the best initiatives of Berlin. The event called Lange Nacht der Museen, meaning “Long Night of Museums”, opens the doors of 80 museums of the city by a small and unique price. It is an excellent opportunity to visit them and have fun during the night, when everybody goes for culture and leisure.

It’s a great idea that’s caught on all over the world, but it was invented twenty years ago in Berlin – the Long Night of Museums. In 1997 just eighteen museums took part, and now, twenty years on, there are round about eighty opening their doors until way past midnight and inviting you to come in and look, listen, be amazed and join in with the many activities. Berlin’s museums are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Long Night with the theme of ‘Made in Berlin’, and are focusing on inventions, brands and legends that have an association with the city.

The event itself is huge, involving the most of the city’s museums, and also receives collaboration from the public transport company of the city, the BVG, which will provide transportation for 24 hours that day, plus 8 special routes designed to cover the distances between the main attractions. In addition, the city is full of cultural events, performances by street musicians, outdoor exhibits and more! The city turns into a cultural melting pot, and this year we will have more than 800 events!

Among the museums that are part of the event, we can mention: the Old Museum (Altes Museum), Anne Frank Centre, Museum of Design, Berlin Cathedral, Berlin Planetarium, Museum of the History of Berlin and the Bunker, Berlin Metro Museum Berlin Gallery (Arts, Photography and Architecture), Museum of the History of Medicine at the University Charité, Charlottenburg Palace, Museum of Communication, Dalí Exhibition, Museum of DDR, German History Museum, Museum of Espionage German, Currywurst Museum , House of the Future, among many others.

To check the full list of attractions, access the site:

2016_08_08_Uma noite no Museu em Berlim 2

For those who buy the tickets until August 7 the price is € 12 per person. From this date on, it will cost € 18. So if you will be in town that day, do not miss the opportunity and get your tickets as soon as possible!

The museums will keep their doors open between 6 pm and 2 am and thousands of visitors from parts of the world will attend this special day in Berlin!

Have you already gone into in a similar event? Tell us how the experience was! 🙂


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