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Kreuzberg’s Gastronomic Fair

The Gastronomic Fair of Kreuzberg is a must-see event that takes place on Thursday in Berlin. First, because it is located in one of the most multicultural neighborhoods of the city and attract the diversity of people and styles for this event. The show, called Markt Halle Neun, gathers food from different countries and is an excellent choice for a cool and nice dinner.

For those who have visited cities like Madrid and Lisbon, you may notice some similarity to traditional fairs such capital, and also note a resemblance to the spaces of “Food Truck” in Sao Paulo. The decor brings some typically Berliners devices such as colored lamps, tables allocated as in a Biergarten, flags and various vintages artifacts.

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The event has been around since 2013, and the opening hours are from 5 pm to 10 pm at the following address: Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43 10997 – Kreuzberg. Access by public transport is easier through the station Bahnhof Gölitzer the U1 U-Bahn line.

Now let’s talk about what the fair has to offer: the delights to be found there! Among European cuisine, is a choice of Spanish sausages, Portuguese, German, Austrian, etc. As well as excellent types of wines that can be sampled there. For dessert, we saw the Portuguese “pastel de nata”, which although not being exactly as it is in Lisbon, it doesn’t lack in flavor and quality!

There are also several options of Asian cuisines, which are really a delight. There is a Taiwanese sandwich, mounted on a typical them bread, very soft by the way, stuffed with beef or pork, which is a sight! The name of this site is BAO Kitchen, worth a try. Colorful guiozas with various flavors also make the party staff.


Brazil is very well represented by the tent tapioca, with fillings ranging from very Brazilian brigadeiro to savory options. Great to feel a bit of the country you miss! Argentines can rejoice too, there are good empanadas here!

One of the options was the Brazilian hot dog, which is at least curious, as here in Germany – the land of sausage – you can find flavors called of São Paulo and Blumenau, cities in Brazil. Pretty amazing!

Of course, finally we could not forget the beers so present in the German events. The site has some craft options and also Radler or Alster (beer mixed with lemon or orange drinks), great choice for the heat (still) doing here!

You should really plan and visit this place that has the face of the city of Berlin!

Have you already been there? Tell us your experience and what were your impressions and what delights you tasted!

For more information about the Markt Halle Neun, please access the website: https://markthalleneun.de/street-food-thursday/

A big hug!

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