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17 de December de 2016
2 de January de 2017
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

We believe that Christmas is a time for reflection and celebrating life with those we love. It’s the time when we have the clearest opportunity to relieve and forgive any offenses or indifference, to embrace others and to fraternize with family and friends. Not only that, it is when we should also thank for everything that was built and conquered during the year, for all the work, learning and dedication.

In the next year, we hope the challenges can find you, so that your achievements will be even more victorious. Grow, overcome, merit, dedicate much, focus, dream and never give up. May the magic of Christmas join the strength of the New Year, bringing peace, health and good energies every day of next year.

Whether you are with your family, friends or even on your own, the Go Easy Berlin team wishes everyone’s Christmas to be full of love and peace and make 2017 even more special!


Liebe Grüße

Rafael & Renan


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