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Relocation services in Germany

Moving to a new country can be an exciting but also challenging prospect, especially for immigrant workers and students moving to Germany. Go Easy Berlin offers relocation services to help those who want to navigate the complexities of moving to a new country and settle into their new environment smoothly.

What are Relocation Services?

Relocation services are professional services designed to support individuals and families moving to a new country or city. These services offer assistance with various aspects of the relocation process, including visa and immigration procedures, finding accommodation, navigating local bureaucracy, language support, cultural orientation and much more.

For Qualified Professionals

For highly qualified workers immigrating to Germany, relocation services can be invaluable in ensuring a smooth transition. These services often include

  • Visa and immigration assistance: Navigating the visa application process can be complex, but relocation services can provide guidance and support to ensure that all the necessary documentation is in order.
  • Housing search: Relocation specialists can help highly qualified workers find suitable accommodation in their new city, taking into account factors such as budget, location and amenities.
  • Setting up utilities and amenities: From opening bank accounts to providing internet and utilities, relocation services can help highly skilled workers deal with the practicalities of setting up their new life in Germany.
  • Cultural orientation: Adapting to a new culture can be challenging, but relocation services offer cultural orientation programs to help highly qualified workers understand the customs, norms and expectations of German society.

For Students and Researchers

For students coming to Germany for educational purposes, relocation services can also offer essential support:

  • Visa and enrollment assistance: Relocation services can help students with visa applications and enrollment procedures, ensuring a smooth transition into their academic program.
  • Searching for accommodation: Finding suitable accommodation can be especially challenging for students, but relocation services can help them find affordable and convenient housing options near their university or college.
  • Academic support: Relocation services can offer academic support services to help students navigate the German education system, including course selection, academic guidance and tutoring.
  • Social integration: Relocation services can facilitate students’ social integration by organizing events, activities and networking opportunities to help them connect with peers and integrate into the local community.


Relocation services play a crucial role in easing the transition of highly qualified workers and students immigrating to Germany. By providing assistance with visa and immigration procedures, housing searches, practical aspects of daily life, cultural orientation and much more, these services help individuals settle into their new environment with confidence and peace of mind. Whether you are a professional looking for new career opportunities or a student in search of academic excellence, relocation services can help you make a smooth and successful transition to life in Germany.

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