Os mercados e feiras de Berlim são um verdadeiro evento, conheça alguns deles e explore toda a diversidade por eles ofertada.


The Mauerpark is located in an area that previously corresponded to a “dead stripe” between the train station Schwedter Straße and the Wall, which divided the city into East and West during the Cold War.
Soon after the reunification of Germany, the region gained the status of a typical Berliner event and the park was opened to the general public. Today, on Sundays especially in the warmer months of the year, both locals and tourists gather at the Mauerpark to enjoy various attractions such as live concerts, the famous Flea Market, traditional cuisine and thrilled karaoke.

Localization: Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin
More info: http://www.mauerpark.info/

Türkischer Markt (Feira Turca)

Uma das principais feiras turcas de Berlim é localizada na rua Maybachufer, com diversas opções de culinária, especiarias e artesanatos.
Localização: Maybachufer Straße, 12047 Berlin
Para mais informações: http://www.tuerkenmarkt.de/